Once upon a time...

is how fabulous stories usually start… and ours abides by this rule…

Once upon a time there were two friends, two mothers with very different roots ... A blonde from the alpine pastures and a brunette from the Atlantic coast, but both were animated by the same desire to see the world through the eyes of children. It is because Lea, 3 years old, and Jojo, 9 years old, deserve to safely discover the extent of our planet’s beauty, that the brand of raincoats "Lea & Jojo" was born. A young and talented illustrator joined them shortly after and gave life to the 2 little characters Lea and Jojo.

Driven by a deep desire to offer an alternative to traditional textiles, which unfortunately deplete tremendously our natural resources, "Lea & Jojo" offers a collection of children's raincoats that combine quality, ecological awareness, social ethics and safety.

Plastic is one of the most polluting materials used daily in modern day society; bottles, bags, clothes, cars, decorations, accessories of all sorts… Unfortunately, only a little amount of these materials are recycled around the world.
With a recycling rate of over 50%, Switzerland is amongst leading countries for collecting waste material and the numbers even exceed 80% for PET.
All Lea & Jojo shell and Lining fabrics are certified GLOBAL STANDARD RECYCLED and are made from 100 % recycled plastic bottles. The rib is 100% Biological Coton, GOTS certified. More notably, they contain no PHTALATES, nor PVC, nor PFOA'S / PFO'S, nor AZO DYES, nor NONYPHENOL ETHOXYLATES and are tested by internationally recognized laboratories like SGS (ensured traceability). All the components of the raincoats (the zipper, the snaps, the cords, the thread, the labels and so on…) are produced by factories certified OEKO TEX 100(ensured traceability) respecting all criteria mandated to meet OEKO TEX 100 and/or BLUE SIGN standards.
LEA & JOJO is a sweet mixture of utopia and candour, whose wish is to allow you to consume "better".



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